Monday, March 7, 2011

i need motivation.

weighed in this morning... i was a little nervous because i may have gone off the band wagon over the weekend... i was drinking heavy drinks on saturday with lots of cream... and i ate pizza hut for dinner last night! and let me tell you about the brunch yesterday morning... i might of have about 4 pieces of bacon... oh wait. six. i ate two of tim's pieces...

the new total is 149.8... that is a weight loss of 1.8 pounds since last monday... and a grand total of 13.4 pounds over ten weeks. for an average of 1.34 pounds loss a week.

the wedding is over... no more stress about fitting into a dress...and as i was telling tim... i am worried. worried because i have no motivation to keep losing weight... my brain knows it. i ate my healthy lunch today and continued to eat a healthy dinner but how long can i keep this up until i just give up.

i told tim today in the store that i will not eat any easter candy and keep counting calories until easter... on easter sunday, i can enjoy candy and dinner with my family. that is my next bench mark. eat healthy until easter sunday. and keep updating my weigh-ins.

lent starts on wednesday... my plan is to give up sweetner for forty days. that means no diet soda, no coffee with splenda, no fruity waters. i refuse to drink anything with real sugar because of calories... so for the first time... i bought a case of water... i hate water. i really hate water. but it is only for forty days... and who knows... i may grow to like it. even more than diet coke... nah. probably not.

next weigh-in: monday, march 14th.

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  1. Good for you Theresa! That sounds like a real challenge, but I'm going to bet that you'll see a positive change in weight loss. Good luck! :)


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