Monday, February 14, 2011

Weigh day.

stepped on the scale this morning... and the new number is 152.4. that is exactly a one pound loss since last monday. for a grand total weight loss of 10.8 pounds in six weeks.

i'll take it... this past weekend, i enjoyed some foods for valentine's day. and drank a martini or two. and ate some AWESOME desserts.

i had every intention to begin Day 22 of the Shred today but we had a faculty meeting, i had to write a paper for grad school due tomorrow... and tim and I went grocery shopping and chipotle for dinner... by the time we were home it was well after nine. and i am EXHAUSTED.

My plan is to do the Shred every night this week and take a break on the weekend. hoping to complete 25 days of the shred by Friday.

Next Weigh-in: Monday, February 21st.

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