Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Celebration

Tim and I decided to celebrate Valentine's Day on Saturday night since I have a faculty meeting on Monday and I didn't want to be tired on such a fun night!

our tradition is to head to The Fresh Market and create a meal together that we both will enjoy... this year we decided on bubble gum martini's for cocktail hour. shrimp for an appetizer. steak and potatoes for the main course. and banana chips and rasberry yogurt covered pretzels for dessert.

i realized after eating the shrimp... that i was full. i was a little hesitant to tell tim because i knew he was excited for the steak... and i didn't want to ruin his valentine's dinner... but after we were sitting chatting at the table i carefully said.. Tim, I am stuffed... not sure i can eat anymore. and... he agreed with me!! funny, how i would of eaten those calories just to please him and not disappoint him... i think i do that often... i eat so i don't disappoint anyone... a friend doesn't like eating alone... i eat with them. a family member makes an unhealthy meal... i eat it with them so not to hurt feelings on the time and effort they put forth on the meal. does anyone else do this?

i almost died on friday night doing level 3 of the shred. seriously. when i was finished, i had a real hard time catching my breath again. it was ridiculously hard. took two days off and starting Day 22 tomorrow.

tune in for weigh day tomorrow... hoping for a loss.

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