Tuesday, February 15, 2011

just 30 minutes.

it took all of my might to do my workout tonight. tim had dinner on the table when i got home from work and class tonight. so we sat down to eat around 7:30.. afterwards, i knew i had to do Day 22 of the Shred. i wrote it in my blog yesterday and i was determined to stick to it. i seriously was not into it... as i was holding the plank position, i felt my stomach just sag and almost touch the carpet. i felt like i couldn't do any of the moves especially the side ab move at the very end. feeling "burnt" out. burnt out from working. burnt out from class. burnt out from working out.

i tell myself that i have to work out 30 minutes a day. that's it. the other 23.5 hours are mine to use as i please. just 30 minutes.

30 minutes a day. i know to live a healthy life style, that i need to keep moving. i need to keep moving everyday.

feeling the itch to start running soon with the days staying brighter and weather seeming nicer...


  1. Maybe you need a day off from work - a mental health day = a sick day!

    I am always accepting running partners! :)

  2. i may be taking you up on that offer... but not sure i can keep up with someone running 8 minute pace! way to go!!! :)

  3. kudos to you for getting that 30 minutes in! sometimes it's so tough to find that motivation!


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