Wednesday, January 26, 2011

snow day.

i made it ten days doing "the shred"

"the shred" is jillian michaels' workout dvd. it has three levels. ten days for each level. i have completed level one. i did a preview of level two and i'm terrified!

i felt such pain after the first day of doing level one. and i remember pushing through the pain on day 2 and 3. i have lost 3 inches around my hips which is the body part that i am really aiming to slim down...

what a difference from day 1 to day 10. i could hardly do 2 pushups and now i am doing 40! i could barely do a lunge and now i am champ. amazing how your body adapts and changes in such a short amount of time with hard work.

here's to level 2 of the shred and hoping i'll be able to raise my arms with no pain. oh and to do a jumping jack without my thighs slapping together...

tim made an awesome tomato, onion and cheese omelet tonight for dinner. hit the spot and for only 460 calories. and that includes the butter it was cooked with and the ketchup i used to dunk it in! :) it was filling and tasted delicious!

hooray for a snow day! i remember last year around this time we had a huge blizzard. and we were snowed in with doritos, cookies and snickers bars... this year. we are snowed in with oranges, blueberries and fiber bars...

praying for a two hour delay...

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  1. Congrats on doing so well with your diet. You look fabu!
    I just figured out that I can get into this blog via your Facebook.
    I'm not losing any weight. There's something about wintry weather that triggers the survival instinct in me - pack on the fat in case the heater breaks or we can't get to the store or there aren't any deer to kill : ) But I continue to do my exercises as a stop gap measure and yesterday I actually shoveled the driveway.
    Love you


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