Monday, January 24, 2011

planned meals.

Weigh day... new number... 153.2... down exactly ten pounds since January 2nd.

tim and i have really cut back on eating out. we absolutely love eating at restaurants! it has been hard but tim makes such delicious dinners that sometimes i wonder why we waste our money in those places.

grocery shopping has been added to our routine since january 2nd. we go every monday night after work. we make a list during the week. we plan out our dinners, lunches and breakfasts. I LOVE THIS!! this is one big reason why i have been successful. pb and raison sandwiches for lunch this week with a piece of fruit and whole wheat crackers. omelets are planned. and i am trying the Kashi bars for breakfast this week.

after our monday shopping trip, it is usually about 7:30... our only day out to eat is monday night... we eat at chipotle. i love this place. i get a chicken bowl with no beans, sour cream or cheese. just chicken, salsa, lettuce and a little rice. yum! i figured it to be about 450 calories. and the hot salsa gives it a kick. i have read some health articles that says spicy foods help burn calories!

chipotle is a safe restaurant for me. along with subway. i can go in those places knowing i will not eat ridiculously.

hoping to see 151 by next monday. i will be happy with a two pound loss.

next weigh-in: Monday, January 31st.

ps. day 8 of "the shred" and it is still kicking my butt.

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  1. I love Kashi :-) I've been attempting to do a lot more organic...and whole foods....trying to avoid what Jillian calls "non-foods". Down about 5 lbs in 2 weeks, and eating cleaner makes me feel better-er!! :-) It's a lifestyle! We can do it!!


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