Thursday, January 27, 2011

the scale.

i have a love/hate relationship with the scale.

weighing in is a process...i get myself all ready to step on the scale. making sure i am wearing the same clothes everytime i weigh in so not even the clothes or shoes can make a difference in my weight.

when i see pounds drop, i absolutely love the scale. i get on it again and again just to check to make sure. i cheer! i tell tim! i cheer some more and then i step on it one more time to see the number again.

this past tuesday i hated the scale. my number went up 2.8 pounds. it put me in such a bad mood. it makes me miserable. and i am really miserable towards tim. poor guy.

there was no need for that number to go up... i was watching a weight loss show last night and a trainer said "the scale never lies" i got so mad, i turned off the tv and will never watch the show again. it does lie. i have been counting every calorie and working out 30 minutes a day. i have calcualted my calorie intake and how many to eat when i am sitting around doing nothing all day (like on these snow days). i have done it. and in my opinion, the scale did lie.

i have decided to stay away from the scale. to stay away and to only weigh in on monday mornings.

just finished day one of level 2 of the shred. that was one heck of a workout. if my body doesn't hurt tomorrow, i will be shocked!

getting cabin fever. heading out tonight with friends. planning on getting a grilled chicken salad with dressing on the side...

1 comment:

  1. I used to be fat! "Power Stance!"
    you are totally motivating me! Being engaged makes me want to feel good about myself and for once like what I see in the mirror. I'm learning the number shouldn't mean nearly as much as how you physically feel, your amount of energy, and how you feel when you see yourself in the mirror.

    Keep it up! you are a beautiful person!


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