Saturday, January 29, 2011

koalas, kangaroos and a bloomin' onion.

i mentioned in earlier blogs some "safe" restaurants that i love to eat at... subway, chipotle, wendy's (fantatic mandarin chicken salad) to name a few... however there are also very dangerous restaurants... one of which i am going to tonight with some friends.

the outback steakhouse. dangerous. i walk in and right away i think bloomin' onion. i seriously can eat half of it.. then comes the warm bread. don't mind if i do. add a salad? why not. with RANCH dressing please. by this point i have probably consumed over 1,000 calories and i haven't even touched my meal yet!

i decided to attack the restaurant from behind. i checked their menu and nutrition facts online... looks like i will be ordering "grilled chicken on the barbie with steamed vegetables" for 632 calories. i will have a piece of the bread (half of the bread is 233 calories so i will aim for half of the half for 117 calories) for some carbohydrates. my total calories for the dinner being 749 calories.

it is hard to believe but that chicken is one of the lowest calorie item on the menu!
planning on eating a very light lunch and breakfast and doing the shred to keep my calorie count on target for the day.

wish me luck down under!!

Nutrition Facts at The and interactive!

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