Tuesday, January 4, 2011


there is a sweet mexican lady who cleans my classroom. she has been on maternity leave for three months. she returned to work today. and said to me in her best spanglish "you got gordo."... she in no way meant to be hurtful or mean... we were talking about my recent marriage and she noticed a little extra pudge since september. make that an extra 24 pounds of pudge... she was right... and had the guts to tell me.. so many times i think to myself "so and so gained weight" but never would think to say it aloud. maybe a culture thing... she chuckled when she said it and i chuckled right along with it.

this comment went right along with my brothers from sunday when he asked if i was allergic to something.. because my cheeks were puffy. nope just getting gordo.

day two of my diet was easy. i am motivated. motivated more by what people think which i am not sure if a great motivation but it gets me focused.

tim made a delicious tuna salad. no mayo. a mustard dressing with vinegar and lemon. lettuce, onions, tomatoes, a little cheese for some dairy. trying to persuade tim to get on the healthy wagon is so difficult but hoping to talk him into it.

exercise is nearly impossible to do. i don't have a tredmill anymore at hand...and when i wake up for work. dark. when i get home from work. dark. thinking about talking to a friend to see if they will walk/run with me at night. we'll see. trying to get the food thing down first before i start adding exercise.

two months until that teeny dress. i think i can, i think i can...

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