Sunday, January 23, 2011

Held Accountable

being held accountable... when i start to change my eating habits and live healthy, one of the most important ways to do so is to be held accountable. i tell everyone i know i am trying to eat healthy. that i am trying "the shred" that i am changing my lifestyle. that i am going from eating a bowl of buffalo chicken dip to a bowl of blueberries. that i am going from buying lunch at the cafeteria to packing my lunch everyday... i tell people. i tell people so that i feel like i am being held accountable.

i started my blog so that i know that even strangers are checking and holding me accountable. friends i haven't talked to in years are checking and holding me accountable. friends i see everyday are checking and holding me accountable...

i hate calling what i am doing a diet. i wish i would understand that this is a change. a change that will take years. not days. not weeks. not months.

tim and i ordered pizza hut last night. i ate very healthy during the day and ate two pieces of stuffed crust pizza for 350 calories a piece. i wanted more... but i stopped... i ate 1300 calories yesterday and it could have been a lot worst...

thank you for checking my blog. and reading it. i really do appreciate it.

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