Saturday, January 22, 2011

Down 10!

stepped on the scale today for a sneak peek... and i am 153.2!! that is exactly ten pounds since January 2nd!! Lost ten pounds in twenty days... hoping this pattern continues and i lose another ten pounds in twenty days... i am looking forward to breaking 150...

Day 6 of The Shred. i am feeling stronger...i am able to do all the push ups and i am completing most of the exercises... hoping that by Day 10, i am ready to move on to Level 2!!

Jillian Michaels says "lose 20 pounds in 30 days. i am holding her to it!!

i have been taking my picture every day since Day 1 of The Shred... hopefully I will upload them and you can see the difference.

thinking ahead to my dress i need to wear on march 5th... it is an oyster color... i need a tan i think before the day... i have never been to a tanning bed... but am considering it and starting it in february... i have no clue how they work... hoping to find a buddy to go with me...

Offical weigh-in on Monday... hoping to remain where I am or have a greater loss.

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