Thursday, January 20, 2011

feeling miserable.

This is how i feel. flubby and miserable. as i work out to Jillian, i feel even more miserable. watching skinny girls complete workouts while my thighs are slapping together in the middle of jumping jacks. why do they put such tiny women on those workout videos. depressing.

finished day 4 of The Shred. hoping to really do 30 days and see if it changes my body. my body doesn't hurt nearly as bad as day 1 did... hoping that is a good thing :)

i even have tim doing the shred. it was much harder than he thought it would be. that guy was sweating and stopping in the middle of it! makes me feel powerful:)

onto the weekend... hopefully i will update sometime over the weekend. i did weigh-in today... 154.6... not a change in five days. miserable. hoping for a pound loss over the weekend...let's see 153!!

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