Monday, January 31, 2011

and... it's a gain.

Weighed in today. and the new number is 154.4. miserable. that is a gain of 1.2 pounds. a total weight loss of 8.8 pounds in 4 weeks. i guess that is an average of a little over two pounds a week which is the healthy way to drop weight... trying to figure out what could of possibly caused the weight gain. tim said maybe i need to do more cardio. i told him that i am sweating up a storm when i am doing "the shred" i am dying! sometime i can feel my heart pounding out of my chest... i told him if i don't see a loss next monday, i will pick up running. however, i am down 3.5 inches around my hips... which is a bonus.

i completed day 15 of the shred. and let me tell you. level 2 is ROUGH. my shoulders have never worked so hard in 29 years! i am determined to complete 30 days in a row. and then rotate every other day with working out to jillian michaels and rest.

i have had many friends reading my blog (thank you for reading!!) and giving me AWESOME advice and suggestions... and i wanted to share them.

1. this website was suggested to me by a high school friend who is trying to lose 20 pounds as well! she said this site was suggested to her from a previous biggest loser contestant! LOVE that show. of course i jumped right on the website and it is awesome! and FREE!! tracks calories, exercise, fitness tips, and helps you stay on track with losing weight. loved it and i am looking forward to spending more time on the site and learning how to apply it to my life.

2. i am guilty of googling healthy living/weight loss blogs and a childhood friend suggested a few and i checked them ALL out... and they are great! favorites are Daily Nibbles, The Fitnessista, Please and Thank You, Losing Weight in the City, Kath Eats Real Food, Hungry Hungry Hippie and Healthy Tipping Point.

3. Chobani yogurt. a friend i work with suggested this for breakfast and it keeps her full until lunch. good source of protein! so of course, i went to the store today and picked up a strawberry banana and i CAN'T wait to try it tomorrow morning!

Thank you for all the suggestions and advice! i really love it and hopefully other people reading will use it too!

hoping next week you can tune in and see a loss.

Next Weigh-in: Monday, February 7th.


  1. Theresa that is AMAZING that you lost 3.5 inches around your waist! That is major, who cares about they weight - maybe the shred is causing you to gain muscle! You go girl!

  2. Yeah T! I love Chobani yogurt! My favorite is to put frozen fruit in it in the morning with some flax seed or wheat germ, and granola on top. Susan loves it too!!! -Suz


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