Sunday, May 23, 2010

Two Month Mark

okay. i said may 24th. the two month mark. a bonus that it lands on a monday. 61 days until i walk down the isle to marry my best friend, my life long love, my timothy. i got on the scale... 149... damage not to terrible... gained ten pounds since April 1st... yikes! that is five pounds month! Unbelievable... that just shows you how much i love to eat!!!!

getting focused. definitely counting calories again. definitely running. definitely strength training. definitely drinking a lot of water. goal is to be in the 130s... low 130s would be beautiful.

i will try to post every day... helps tremendously to know that i am being held accountable on the blog.

To reach my goal weight... I need to lose two pounds a week. with exercise.. that is allowing me to eat 1350 calories a's to eating lots of fruit, veggies and low calorie treats!

I don't think i am going to weigh in every week... i don't want to get discouraged. weigh days discourage me if i don't lose anything. I am thinking i will weigh in every other week. so the next weigh day will be June 7th. There may be sneak peeks every once in a while so stay tuned just in case.

Wedding planning has been exciting! I have really enjoyed every second of it with tim. we have planned every piece of it together... even down to the colors and the flowers. invitations will be going out by next week. seems so real now. loving it. i can't wait to get married to tim and begin our lives together.

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