Thursday, April 8, 2010

Passing on the weigh in...

One thing i like about Weight Watcher meetings is that you can use a pass on a week when you don't want to get weighed in... i am using my pass this week. after the rough weekend, i am passing on weighing myself this week... the main reason being...

i am scared if i gained a lot of weight, my brain will give up and i will go back to eating junk again.

so there will be no weekly weigh in today. i had a rough long weekend and i am just feeling yucky today for another reason that i have no control over (thank you pms)

sometimes it is best to just stay away from the scale. i have a gut feeling that this is the week that i shouldn't stand on that guy.

hoping for a nice weekend... i am getting my very first massage on saturday morning at 10:00! it is fifty minutes long! can't wait!!

hope all is well with you.
love you.

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