Monday, May 24, 2010

Hunger Blues

I hate the first day back to eating healthy and counting calories... tim ate a hot dog and chips for dinner and i just stared at him while i ate my tomato salad and bean soup. why do i want a hot dog so much more then my soup? sometimes i wish tim ate the way i did. it would make my life so much easier. he told me he was going to start watching what he ate today... but after a burrito for lunch and a hot dog for dinner, he said he would try again tomorrow. i wish i could do that. but i know if i ate a hot dog today, it would be pizza tomorrow and french fries on wednesday... and so continues the domino effect. oh to be a boy. eat what i please.

i heard through a friend to start a "behavior plan" with my weight loss... so i am! if i can go seven days staying under my calories then i am going to reward myself with a pedicure. Next Monday, hoping to be blogging about how phenomenal my pedicure was!

twomonths....61days... love.

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