Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Extra Easter Weight

oh boy. what a rough last four days. and i mean rough. i have eaten not a single healthy thing in the past few days... it was like my brain let it happen. and i was okay with it...and to be honest. i was. i might have done a little damage but hopefully i can bounce back from it. i ate my normal way today at school... just need to get back into the routine of it. i was almost ready to dive into the easter candy sitting around the house for dessert tonight... but instead i took a 100 calorie kudos chocolate m and m bar and called it a night. i am going to see my best friend in virginia at the end of april... my new short term goal. three weeks... wow... and then it will be only three months until the big day... time is flying...still aiming for 138 pounds by April 30th...til thursday weigh day...
love you!

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