Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weigh Day

Weighed in today at 147... down a pound from last week... i will take it. :)

Since i have noticed the weight drop from my friend, I have been doing a lot of research on exercising and the effect on weight loss... she hasn't exercised AT ALL!

i love running, and working out... but ONLY during the summer. everytime september hits, my plans for running the 18 miler at Long Beach Island in October and the Philadelphia marathon in November goes RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW. I am physically exhausted from being on my feet, walking halls, and teaching 27 children all day.

i found this article from TIME and it made me see running and gyms in a new light. i lost a pound this week with no exercise. just doing my usual work day and eating 1500 calories. thinking that i am not going to start up my running again until school is says that people who go to a gym or do a hard work out eat more because 1. they are hungry from burning all those calories 2. they think they can eat more because they exercised... hence eating more and not losing weight... possibly even gaining weight!,8599,1914857-1,00.html

happy thursday!

love you.

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