Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Grocery Shopping

grocery shopping is not my thing. i lived at home with my family until i married tim and i never had to plan meals or cook. i seriously had no interest to learn. my brothers BOTH went to culinary school in high school and now one of them owns a successful pizza place. my grandmother is an amazing cook... my favorite meals are her pasta dishes and her turkey soup! i wish i had that desire to learn to cook and get to know food. but i never did and i think this is why i struggle with meal planning and grocery shopping.
(This is my first shopping trip being married with Tim!)

one semester in college, i meal planned and grocery shopped with my roommate. but honestly... back then... when we were dirt poor... we were more concerned on saving money than planning healthy meals... i could make an amazing chocolate chip pancake (who knew they shouldn't be gooey in the middle!) 

when i go shopping, i stick to the same foods. the same snacks. the same breakfasts. the same lunches. the same dinners. boring. i had a goal this summer to try to follow a recipe and make a new meal every week. but honestly... it is so hard to prep and cook a meal with a 1 year old who is either cranking at my feet or getting into something he shouldn't be. 

i also am not a fan of grocery shopping because i swear they have candy, cookies, and sweets of all kinds hiding around every corner! there was a BIN of chocolate sitting next to the vitamin/slimfast aisle! it is like someone is purposely trying to sabotage any healthy plans i have... by throwing a snickers bar or reese cup right in front of my cart.
i will continue working on this whole meal planning/grocery shopping/cooking thing. i will continue to try to dodge the candy jumping at me throughout the grocery store. i will try my hardest to try and enjoy grocery shopping...because i do think meal planning/grocery shopping is such an important piece to not only losing, but maintaining a healthy weight.

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  1. Hi Theresa! Don't know if you remember me, (I was anexerciseinspinningyarn.blogspot.com) but we did some weight loss challenges and things back a few years ago. Glad to see you've been blogging again! (And have been for quite some time!) I'm doing more of a parenting blog now (www.raisingweirdos.com) But (shocker) still trying to lose, oh say around 20 pounds ;-) I'd love to friend you on Fitbit if you're game! LOVE those weekly challenges. Glad you're doing so well!


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