Monday, May 29, 2017

A Shred Update

Hard to believe the month of May is almost over... it seems like just yesterday when i decided to try and exercise again after not moving a muscle in years!

for those of you who are not familiar with the Shred.. it is a 30 day program with 3 levels. each level is 10 days. when i started on may 1st... i literally hated everything about it. even down to the nice, smiling girls in the back.

the first ten days (level 1) were torturous. it could have been because my body was weak and everything was hard. i mean... how can there not be a jumping jack modification? level 1 just went on and was a long 10 days.

as i moved into level 2, things got a little easier. they say it takes two weeks to start or break a habit...i'd say by the middle of level 2, i started to look forward to exercising. i started to feel stronger... i started to have a more positive outlook on getting in shape. i could feel a difference in my body.  the next 10 days (level 2) went much faster!

and finally level 3. i'm five days in... and those five days flew. the 25 minutes don't feel very long. there are some ridiculous, tough moves in level 3 (scissor crunches!!), but it seems much easier now than when i started level 1.

five more days until the next weigh-in. five more days of the shred. i'll update the measurements on june 3rd... and maybe some stretch!!
(Landon and I shredding on Day 10-Last Day of Level 1!)

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