Monday, March 6, 2017

A Guide

wow! thank you to everyone who reached out to me over the past week or so! i've had many people ask if i cut ALL sugar. or if i followed a guide...

i'm going to be honest, i was wondering if i should look into different programs like the 21 day fix or beach body. and i was questioning whether i should jump back into weight watchers. i did WW about 8 years ago or so. it was a great program, but i knew i didn't have the time to commit to meetings and counting points. i also brought up the idea of buying a treadmill to tim. but then i didn't want to pay for one of those and end up not using it due to working ALL day and then being with my kids. i don't have time. i am nonstop from 5:30 in the morning until 8:30 at night with not a second to myself.

so to answer the question about following a guide. no i didn't. i kind of made up my own guide. i just knew i had a big sugar problem. i finally realized and came to terms with it over the holiday... but i definitely have had a sugar "addiction" for YEARS. my grandmother will be the first to say she is addicted to sugar. maybe genetic? so i gave up all the "fun" sugar. cake, cookies, candy, ice cream, danishes, lattes, etc. i did stop eating rolls and white bread. i also stopped adding sugar to things like coffee and teas.

i have not given up sugar completely. i love ketchup. i love salad dressings. and even my half and half i add to my coffee has a gram of sugar. i eat fruit every day. i know some diets require to give up EVERYTHING sugar, but i couldn't do that... it would be way too hard to stick with and keep track of.

i decided to try this for 100 days... just because i like the number 100! see... my own guide!

there very well could be a diet/guide i am following, but i have no clue what it is...

have you heard of a diet plan similar to the no "fun" sugar diet? Have you ever tried giving up the "fun" sugar and seeing results with your weight loss?

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