Saturday, February 25, 2017

Over halfway...

I officially made it over 50 days with no sugar. this has been the easiest way to lose weight. no calorie counting. i can still eat some of my favorite foods like chicken wings, cheese, and olives!

i was given some mint mentos as a valentine's gift. i thought about eating one until i realized how many grams of sugar are in ONLY 1 mento! i can easily eat the whole pack in a sitting so i decided to not even go there.

i have been doing daily pictures of my weight loss... which has been much better than stepping on a scale.  i don't really have a goal weight... except at some point i would love to lose my "landon" weight. "nolan" weight came off within a month of delivering him... it's the 60 pounds i gained with landon that has been a challenge for me. Anyone else struggle with getting rid of the baby weight? I can only blame myself because i just love to eat!

(January 3rd) Day 1

(February 21st) Day 50!!

Here's to 50 more days! Weight update will be posted next weekend... stay tuned!

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