Sunday, February 19, 2017

100 days.

Almost a year... I haven't blogged for almost a whole year. life is crazy. being a working mom with two boys... time is seriously flying by.

i decided to start focusing on me a little in the 2017 year. i realized over the christmas holiday that i had been eating way too much junk. especially sugar. i was having donuts and lattes for breakfast, cookies and candy for lunch, and cakes, brownies, and ice cream for dinner. i couldn't stop tossing skittles in my mouth during the day. i was continuously grabbing a peppermint patty from the freezer. i realized that my sugar intake was absolutely ridiculous! i easily controlled Landon's intake of sweets... a hershey kiss for dessert or one cookie. but why couldn't i control my own?

so i took on a challenge. i decided to stop all sugar and sweeteners. no more cookies. no more candy. no more cake. no more brownies. no more ice cream. no more diet coke. for 100 days!

the beginning was rough. really rough. i had headaches for a week straight. cravings were so intense that i literally kept myself away from anything sweet for the first two weeks. nolan's first birthday snuck in on me and I had the TINIEST piece of cake to celebrate. That was the extent of my sugar intake though!

i am now on Day 48... almost halfway to 100! i feel good! I have so much energy. I am sleeping really well. intense cravings are gone and it is way easier to say no to "fun" sugar!

i also decided not to focus on my weight this time around. in the past, i would weigh myself once a week and of course step on the scale every day in between then... but now i am only putting myself on the scale once a month. the scale is put away.

100 days brings me pretty close to easter. easter candy is my FAVORITE. i am still deciding on whether i am going to go back to eating sugar, or continue on this sugar free journey.

but until then... i'll be snacking on almonds, veggies, and delicious fruits!


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    1. LOVE a Peep... and a cadbury egg, and a chocolate rabbit, and jelly beans, and robin eggs, and..... :) ;)


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