Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Odd "Baby" Out

Numbers. i love numbers. but not just any number. the number has to be even. like 8. or divisible by five. like 15. or divisible by another number. like 21.  i also don't mind the numbers 1-9. they flow nicely.

when i was pregnant with landon, i was due may 26th. a nice even number. i remember panicking at the thought of having him on the 29th of may. or may 31st. i was hoping he would be born anywhere around those numbers. and i really didn't mind any number in the beginning of june. i hit the birthday jackpot with landon. he came on the perfect date of june 6, 2012. 6-6-12. i LOVED everything about it!! not to mention that my birthday is 6-12... it was meant to be.

when i picked the induction date of january 18th, i was thinking my labor would either be really quick and he would arrive on that date... or i would do the two day thing and he would come on the 20th of january. i was hoping we would avoid the number 19. just saying that number is difficult. it just doesn't come out of the mouth easily.

i was also banking on the 18th of january because it would be the best equation for our family. landon's birthday is the 6th. mine is the 12th. tim's is the 24th. he would have completed our perfect pattern with 18. multiples of SIX!!

as the clock neared midnight on the 18th, i knew our chance of being the perfect math family was slowly slipping away. and not only was my math dream not going to happen, he was going to be born on the 19th. an odd number. a prime number.

i have been adjusting and have accepted the 19th. how can i not, when i think of this guy every time the number leaves my mouth!


  1. i thought the same thing!!! landon's birthday is pure perfection! and it really doesn't matter but when you are a number person - it's what you think about!!

    fitzy is 4.28.11 and enoch is 11.19.13 and if you take each day month and year and add them up - they all add up to 7!

    4 + 1 + 2 and 2 + 1 + 4! beautiful!!!

  2. i am seriously cracking up at this... i have spent so much time trying to figure out your seven. and i have only come up with both birthdays adding up to 16!



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