Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sorry buddy...

i don't mean to toot my own horn, but i have a pretty darn good memory. if you tell me your birthday once, i will usually remember it OR get pretty close to nailing it.

this is why i am not sure how it happened. i mean, i have at least seven doctor appointments lined up in my head with different dates. and different times. different people. i have appointments all over from the ENT, audiologist, surgeon, OB, and pediatrician. i have a fancy little notebook that i write every appointment down in... but i got a little too confident in my ability to memorize dates and times.

and this is where mom of the year comes in. i completely MISSED my child's one month check up. yep. missed it. and the pediatrician couldn't squeeze me in. now the good news is that they rescheduled us. but the bad news is that it isn't until my kid is six weeks old. this means i will never have an accurate reading of his weight and height at one month. nope. i guess i could do the old home measurement and step on a scale with him. and take out a tape measure. but it isn't really "official."

so nolan, sorry buddy. sorry i missed your one month appointment. sorry your baby book won't be updated with your one month stats... oh wait........

sorry buddy... you don't even have a baby book.

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