Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hearing Test... Again.

when landon was a newborn, he failed his hearing test at birth. they told us it was VERY common for newborns to fail due to delivery and fluid. i thought nothing of it and took him home. we were required do a follow up assessment at CHOP which landon completely failed. the audiologist was greatly concerned due to the severity of loss that she saw and sent us to an ENT immediately. it was so difficult to go through that time with a newborn. it was the unknown. it was scary. you can click HERE to read about landon's hearing journey.

nolan was given his hearing test as well when he was born. the only difference this time around is that they did the test with me in the room. i watched the kind lady attach nolan to wires and a computer. after the test was completed, she told me that he failed both ears, but it is VERY common and they will reassess in the morning. instead of getting upset, i seriously just laughed. of course my second kid would fail the hearing test too.

the next day, nolan was given the hearing test again. i watched with little emotional towards the whole thing. after the test, the kind lady told me he failed his left ear and passed the right. i told her of landon's history of failing hearing tests at this age. she told me she was going to refer us to CHOP simply because of the family history.

yesterday, my mom, nolan and i headed over to CHOP for the hearing test. nolan did not pass either ear of his hearing test. the audiologist had a gut feeling that it may have been fluid so she checked for neurological issues with the hearing, which he passed. she is thinking it is just fluid in the ears. we go back for another test in two months. and if he doesn't pass, off to the ENT we go.
i've been down this road before...i am much more calmer. i have all my doctors lined up.  hoping he passes the test in two months, but until then i will not let this bother me and enjoy my little guy.

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