Thursday, January 24, 2013

10 pound reward!

i was super excited to see my weight loss this week... and i had hit the 10 pound mark! yesterday, before class, i ran to get my ten pound reward... an eyebrow wax!

i am guilty of not going as often as i should to get my eyebrows waxed... but for a VERY good reason. IT HURTS! tears streamed down my face as the sweet asian lady ripped the hair off my face. i kept thinking "why did i make this a reward... what was i thinking!" but i knew what i was thinking when i made an eyebrow wax a reward. since i had landon, i have definitely put myself on the back burner. every reward is a way for me to take care of myself. and to feel better about myself.

so, here are my eyebrows... and an up close picture of my little guy too!!
next reward is when i reach the fifteen pound loss... buying a favorite item at ULTA!! Click HERE to visit the whole list!! :)

Did you put yourself on the back burner after having a baby? 

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