Tuesday, September 4, 2012

today is the day..

today is the day...

today is the day i start counting calories- 1,400 a day.
today is the day i start exercising- just finished day 1 of the 30 day shred.
today is the day i have decided to share how much weight i gained during my pregnancy- alot.

i have been embarrassed to share how much i gained because like i said in an earlier post... it is WAY more than the average pregnant woman is supposed to gain... (25-35 pounds) i have only shared my weight gain with one other person and her blog... it felt good to get it out there and know it was in a "safe" place. but now it is time to bring it out. my mom will be shocked. she swears i gained maybe 30. she thought i looked good throughout most of pregnancy... but she is my mom. and she is supposed to say that.

here it is. on the day i delivered landon... i tipped the scales at 215. you read it right. 215 pounds. i weighed ten more pounds than tim at that point. see what mint chocolate chip ice cream every night before bed does to a pregnant body?

that means i gained between 55-60 pounds during my pregnancy. throughout my whole pregnancy my mom would constantly say "i only gained 12 pounds during my first pregnancy." it always got on my nerves because i remember when i gained twelve pounds in one month during my pregnancy. my doctor never seemed to be concerned about my weight gain. i guess i carried it well being 5 feet 7 inches tall. although she did think i was having a "BIG" baby.

i lost thirty pounds pretty quickly... dropped to 182 by the July 19th... however, with the stress of all our problems with landon.... and the idea of me having cancer... i just stopped caring. i remember thinking on july 24th... "if i have cancer, i better beef up... treatments and the disease could make me lose a ton of weight and be even sicker." yes. this was my thought process... and this thought made me gain 12 pounds back in six weeks.

so my number is 194. i weigh 194 pounds. i am petrified to hit that 200 mark again and need to start getting far away from it. i took some "before" pictures of myself but i am going to wait to post them until i am done the 30 day shred... hoping to see some kind of progress because those pictures are horrendous.

but until those pictures... here is our first family shot taken last weekend!


  1. Don't you worry girl, I gained like 90 pounds! It'll fall off you fast!

  2. Replies
    1. we are almost the same!! i told you our numbers were very similar!

  3. with my first pregnancy i stopped looking at the scale at 205 lbs (and at that point i still had 3 weeks to go)! i gained over 65 lbs. when you're ready to lose the weight, you will. someone told me then, it took 9 months for you to gain that much so give yourself 9 months without being critical on yourself to take it off.

    1. i cried when i saw 200! i started to turn my back during weigh-ins at the doctors because it was so depressing! i don't really have a goal weight yet... just trying to see if can drop slow and steady... i am expecting it to take a year! :)

  4. Don't be embarrassed. You grew a human being while dealing with your own health issues! And, you've had a lot on your plate the last few months. Give yourself some credit, love!

    Good luck with the 30DS, I've yet to make it through the whole thing!


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