Wednesday, September 5, 2012

butt kicks... kicked my butt.

i have taken a few steps to get ready for this healthy transition in my life. tim and i went through our fridge and trashed anything we thought might throw me off track... good bye vanilla icing. we went through our pantry... good bye potato chips. and finally did a clear out of the kitchen... good bye brownies sitting on our counter since friday. 
we did a big grocery shop on monday... and stuck to healthy snacks and meals. welcome to our home carrots, bananas, wheat pasta, ground turkey, broccoli, tomatoes, and cheerios. 
day one of purging junk food out of our home and eating healthy was successful. i am going to stick with how i lost weight in the past... counting calories using my LOSE IT app on my iphone and doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred.

this morning i couldn't move. my abs hurt. my butt hurt. even my armpits hurt. i was miserable doing day 1 yesterday and cursed at myself (and jillian) for the pain i felt during the 25 minute workout. i have learned that doing butt kicks at 160 is way easier than 190. i have to hold my belly as i move up and down. yes, you read right... when i run, my stomach moves in ways i have never seen or felt before. it feels weird. uncomfortable even. so when i have to move up and down, one hand always tries to hold the stomach in place. it truly is a scene to see me in action. however, it totally motivates me to focus and finish each session. 

i will do weekly weigh-ins every monday...just like in the past! mondays work well for me because it helps me "be good" over the weekend knowing i step on the scale on monday morning. 

you can follow those weekly updates by clicking on "my journey" page at the top of my website. 

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