Thursday, July 12, 2012


landon and i have been meeting lots of new people! we headed to CHOP on monday morning to look at his fracture clavicle. it turns out that it is all healed and in time the calloused bump will flatten itself and he will be fine. 

while we were there, though, the doctor pointed out that our little guy has torticollis. since he has been favoring the one side of his neck since birth, he no longer turns his head to the other side because of tight muscles. we were immediately sent to physical therapy. landon will be getting PT three times a week! 

the physical therapist noticed that along with the fractured clavicle, he also tore a neck muscle on the left side from delivery but it has also healed. 

i have been the RIDICULOUS mom who is doing EVERYTHING the PT says to do. if my little guy awake, he is on his tummy. i even supervise his naps on his tummy. tummy time is one of the best things he can do for two reasons. one, it helps make his little neck stronger. and two, it helps even out his head. his head is misshaped and flat on one side because of only laying on the right side of it for the past four weeks. 

the PT says that since we caught it so early, that we should be seeing progress quickly with all the position changes and therapy done at PT and home. this morning i did some exercises with him i was taught at PT and his little head turned to the left! i teared up a little but i know we still have a long way to go. 

we have a follow up appointment at CHOP in six weeks.

on a personal note, i am still down 30 pounds as of this morning! no weight gain here even through all this stress! 

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  1. so adorable! GO Landon!! Hope I get to meet him someday!
    PS I love your blog.


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