Saturday, July 7, 2012

down 30.

hit a big milestone this morning... i'm down 30 pounds since the day i delivered landon. i still have a ways to go but i am really happy with what i have lost so far!
i haven't done much to lose the weight and i am sure as i get closer to my pre-pregnancy weight, the weight loss will slow down but i have been cheering for every pound i lose. in fact, it took two weeks to lose just one pound! 

one of the biggest changes to help with weight loss since landon has been born is "going out to eat." Since he has been born, we haven't gone out to eat dinner at all. we use to go out at least three times a week.  another factor in losing weight is doing the old baby rock. rocking landon has helped with the love handles and waist!

i have two more weeks until my postpartum check up. i am looking forward to getting the "all clear" so i can start running and do Jillian Michael's The Thirty Day Shred. i need to start getting this stomach back to its original size! 

Happy Saturday! 


  1. That is great. I want to get a rocking chair for our nursery (when the time comes) so that good to know it helps!! I hope your checkup goes well so you can start getting back to running.

  2. So proud of you T! Love reading your updates with Landon he is adorable :)


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