Thursday, July 19, 2012

a phone call.

today, around 3:30, i received a phone call from the audiologist. she was able to get landon to the best Ear, Nose and Throat doctor at CHOP... his appointment isn't until August 9th... but until then we have many other doctor appointments... because... the audiologist was concerned with the bump on landon's neck. the bump i pointed out to the pediatrician two weeks ago. the bump i thought was the calloused bone from his fractured clavicle. the bump the Physical Therapist said was a torn muscle and not the clavicle.

so what is this bump? not sure. we head to his pediatrician tomorrow and hope to get an ultrasound done as soon as possible on it. if this "bump" turns in to something we will be heading to the Ear, Nose and Throat sooner than August 9th... trying not to think the worst and praying the physical therapist was correct with a torn neck muscle.

thank you for all your prayers and love... tim, landon and i are so thankful to have such supportive friends and family like you!

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