Friday, January 6, 2012

a scare.

it's hard to believe where i was this time yesterday... at the hospital.

let me rewind to wednesday. i woke up in the morning just not feeling right. i was getting pains in my stomach just about every 10-15minutes or so... i wasn't too worried at first, thinking it was just my stomach stretching and growing, but as the day went on... i just didn't feel well. when i got home, i took my temperature and had a slight fever. i went to bed with a massive case of the chills. i woke up to severe pain in the right part of my chest and after a while it went into my upper back on the right side. the pain subsided after a good hour but after talking with a few people, i thought i better call my doctor.

she immediately called me in and scared the crap out of me. she told me it could be a possible blood clot or my appendix and i need to get to the hospital immediately. me being alone at the doctors, started to tear up. i have never been to a hospital. how do i get in? what do i do? little did i know that they were waiting for me the minute i walked in with a wheel chair. tim and my mom arrived very quickly to the hospital right when i was about to be wheeled up to maternity. they checked on my little baby for about an hour or more... praise the lord that all is well.
(tim snuck this picture of me... 
i told him i wanted NO pictures of me in the hospital)

i was rolled down to a room where they tested my blood pressure, oxygen levels and temperature. they took oodles of blood, gave me a full ultrasound of all my insides, and i had my very first IV (i only ever saw that bag full of liquid on television shows) i sat for a long time resting, eating and stressing while waiting for results. the doctor returned with news that he thinks it is my gall bladder. i am now on a low fat diet and easing myself into foods to see how my body reacts.

so that being said... back on a diet. this one a little different than any other one i have done before.  my grandmom made me some of my favorite chicken noodle soup...and with that comes the good news.. i felt my baby move for the first time right after i ate a bowl... this baby was moving like crazy... amazing feeling... it must of loved her soup as much as i do! :)

praying for a healthy 20 more weeks! i don't want to see the hospital again until this little one is ready to make its appearance in may.

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  1. Theresa,
    Sorry you had such a scare. I am praying that you don't see a hospital again until the day your baby arrives!


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