Monday, January 2, 2012

new year. new goals.

the kick off to 2012 is a lot different than the kick off to any other year i have had over the past ten years. usually the minute the new year kicks in i decide that i am going to lose twenty pounds. this is the first year when i am expecting to gain 20 pounds. crazy.

my diet is normal... i've averaged about 2000-2500 calories a day on a normal day... but it feels strange knowing that i am not cutting it down to my 1200 calories to start losing weight.

i am not going to lie. in the beginning of my pregnancy, i was sick all the time and most food sounded DISGUSTING to me. but for some reason mcdonalds and wendys cheeseburgers and fries sounded amazing. and sour cream and onion chips i could stomach. oh and a cheeto!! YUM!  but the thought of a vegetable made me want to throw up. or any kind of chicken or meat. or yogurt. yep, it was a mess.

now that i am well into my second trimester and i am no longer feeling sick,  i have been trying to eat much healthier. i have stayed far away from mcdonalds and working really hard to have homemade meals and not processed food like mac and cheese from a box!

so since my goal for 2012 is not to lose twenty pounds... i had to think of other goals to help me feel accomplished for the new year:

1. keep up the blogging: tim and i love looking back at the blog to bring back memories... it really is a good piece of history!

2. try to eat as healthy as i can to keep this little baby happy and healthy.

3. save money: i am working on being a stay at home mom (WOOOO HOOOO!!) next year and we need to get those finances set so we can enjoy this opportunity and not stress about it.

What are you 2012 Goals?

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