Sunday, July 3, 2011

a sad goodbye.

today, my sister-in-law said to me that i haven't blogged much this week. she says she checks and reads this every night before she goes to bed... and looks forward to the updates. this made my day... i love that she checks it every night... :)

she then asked what i was going to write about for today's post. i thought... would it be my kid's meal i ate at wendy's? would it be my two bags of goldfish i ate in the car? would it be the brownie i had for dessert? no. not today.

today, my mind has been somewhere else. a close family friend passed away a few days ago. and today was his funeral. the sadness that i felt this week was a feeling i have never felt. my heart hurt. hurt because of the sudden passing. hurt for his two daughters. hurt for his wife.

my heart also hurt because i am going to miss him.

i am going to miss his sense of humor. and laughing at his jokes.

i am going to miss his knowledge and trivia. who knew that the collective noun for apes is a troop. or the collective noun for a giraffe is a tower... good stuff!

but most of all, i am going to miss seeing him at our family get togethers. he was a caring man who always checked in to see how i was doing... and how tim was doing.

thank you for all the wonderful memories over 30 years...
i will never forget.


  1. Thanks Theresa, I also read your blog.
    Thank you for the support and remembering him.

  2. your dad was a great man. so many of my favorite memories have him in it... like those silly talent shows. :) thinking about you.


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