Monday, June 6, 2011


148.2. that is the number i saw this morning on the scale. i am super embarrassed. and i am super angry at myself.

i confess that i cried a little this morning when i saw the number. but i knew it was coming... you see...i have lost total focus on eating healthy... it started with a dorito a little over a week ago. and that dorito turned into a binge eat after work. and the same thing the next day. and the next day.

so low and behold. i gained 3 pounds in a week.

it just shows me that i can't eat and enjoy without having a consequence. i ate pizza, crab fries, ice cream, a breakfast sandwich, a hoagie, and salt water taffies. i ate fudge. and buffalo shrimp. i went overboard. and the scale showed it. i guess it is true... the scale never lies...

i had a feeling that when i saw that twenty pound loss mark a couple of weeks ago that i would start gaining it back again. hence. my blog title...

always twenty pounds to go...

next weigh in: Monday June 13th.

hitting a rough patch. trying to focus. and feel positive and confident.

i am noting my weakness and moving on...


  1. it's a constant battle isn't it?! you had a rough week...i've been having a rough month. time for both of us to get back on track then right?! i'm right there with you!!! keep blogging and know that i'm out there rooting for you too!

  2. thank you so much michele! i totally took your quote on noting my weakness and moving on... i love it! and it is so true... why is it so easy to get off track... and so hard to get back on?! thank you so much for reading my blog... you were my first faithful follower! :)


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