Wednesday, June 15, 2011


school's out for summer! i have sang that song ALL day. from my first sip of coffee this morning. to the scrubbing of my bathroom floor. to my unpacking of groceries at 3 this afternoon.

i realized that i can finally be a house wife. i married tim last summer at the end of july. by the time we arrived back from our honeymoon, it was the beginning of august... i was home for a few days before i headed back to the classroom and started getting ready for the school year.

school consumes me. i am guilty of coming home from work... sitting on my couch. and either doing school work. or zoning out and watching ridiculous television. i am not a fan of cleaning a bathroom or doing laundry. or really being a housewife. i am way too exhausted.

today i did some much needed chores around the house. afterwards, tim called me on his way home from work and said he had a "surprise" for me to celebrate the end of the school year!

he surprised me with a banana mama. this was my FAVORITE drink while we were on our honeymoon in mexico.
i decided to step on the scale this morning since i chose not to do a monday weigh in. the number was 146.8! what a nice surprise! this day was full of surprises!

i went grocery shopping today and added some new items to my cart. can't wait to share some new recipes i have found. healthy, easy and delicious!

do you sometimes feel like it is hard to be a good housewife when you are working full time?


  1. Although I am not a wife, I am certainly a house-girlfriend since we've been together so long. rob gets home at 7 and I get home at 5. Therefore I feel obliged to cook dinner and make our lunches. But by the time I get home from work I am so EXHAUSTED. Plus, if I have to grocery shop or make any stops at all, it could be 6 before I get home and its right from the car to the kitchen. If i lived at home I gaurentee you I'd be eating cereal out of disposable bowls every night!!!
    -kristin Smith

  2. hehe- i meant, if i lived ALONE!

  3. i am right with you! i would be living off of spaghetti-o's, kraft mac and cheese, and hot pockets.. and i would definitely be eating them off of paper plates! i hate dishes! :)


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