Saturday, June 18, 2011


yesterday, tim and i were walking into a store...

as we were walking in the door, i got a quick glimpse of my reflection in the window. and instantly thought "ewww, my hips are so wide"

why do i look at my reflection whether in a mirror or a store window and criticize myself... why can't i look at it and think "whoa! lookin' good!" or "holy moly! look at those skinny legs!"

nope. i instantly see the negative.

what do you see in your reflection?


  1. preaching to the choir, girl! I am CONSTANTLY seeing the flaws, the extra weight, the jiggle...

    YOU are AMAZING, and you look fantastic! You are so fantastic for being so honest and open and genuine on your blog. I love reading it and am inspired by you! (and not just by the frozen hot chocolate recipe ;)

  2. Thank you so much Erin! I love reading your blog... so much that I have my mom checking in on it too!

    and about the jiggling... do you think we will ever stop caring about our flaws and extra weight? maybe when we turn 40!! :)


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