Tuesday, June 21, 2011

name change.

yesterday, tim and i met around noon at the courthouse to get a copy of our marriage certificate... our trip to mexico is right around the corner and i am still in process of getting my name changed on my passport.

i love my new last name... but changing it... has been such a headache! from drivers license to teaching certificate to colleges and transcripts... and now my passport.

after we left the courthouse, we had only a little of time until tim had to return to work. not enough time for a sit down restaurant... so the fastest place around was a mcdonalds. now i love mcdonalds. i immediately thought of sinking my teeth in a double cheese burger, dipping fries in ketchup and washing it down with an orange drink.

then i realized, i had to be smart. enjoy the food, but be smart about it. so i asked the young man at the counter for a cheeseburger happy meal. he looked at me funny, smiled and asked if i wanted a girl's toy. or a boy's toy... not only did i eat a mcdonalds meal for 530 calories... but i got a toy to boot!

weighed in yesterday. new number is 146.0. extra birthday weight. GONE.

if you had to change your name, did you find it to be a headache to get all the paperwork done?

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