Friday, May 13, 2011

binge eater.

i never considered myself a binge eater... but i have been doing a lot of thinking about what it means to binge eat.

binge eaters come home after work and eat 1000 calories worth of snacks until they realize what the heck they are doing.

binge eaters go to a party and end up eating the dorito basket.

binge eaters panic at a party if they don't get to the dessert table fast enough so they can eat as many cookies as they can before they are all gone.

binge eaters go back for seconds and thirds.

i guess i am a binge eater.

i am learning how to control myself at parties and buffets. i am learning to blog after work and read other weight loss blogs after work to keep myself out of the snack closet. i am learning to eat only one serving of what is on my plate.

i am trying to learn these habits so they stick. so i don't binge eat. so that i really learn how to live a healthy life style.

so i can be a more confident me.

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