Sunday, May 15, 2011


tim and i spent the whole day yesterday babysitting our nephew and niece... friends told us that it would be the best birth control...

when we arrived, i immediately had to feed mckenna. after lunch, it was nap time. both kids... down for a nap... i seriously must of ran up and down the steps ten times to check on them. i couldn't sit longer than five minutes before i felt the need to poke my head into their bedrooms.

mckenna woke up in about 45 minutes... then it was cuddle time and play time. and during this time, i continued running up and down the steps to check on logan.

once logan was awake, tim entertained him and i continued to entertain mckenna. then it was time for a bottle.

when dinner came around. i had one hand on a pizza slice and the other on a baby spoon feeding mckenna, because the little puffs she was eating, was not satisfying her hunger... she wanted the real food. oh and logan. had to beg and trick him into eating his dinner.

after dinner... bath time and pajamas... we entertained a little bit more and finally put them to bed. of course i had to run up the stairs a few more times with two cry outs from logan and one from mckenna.

so good birth control... yes. tim and i were together the whole day in that cozy house and barely even had a second to talk to the other... i can see how it could be VERY easy to lose each other...

but although it was a busy day... we both admit that we enjoyed EVERY SECOND of it.


  1. aww - that picture is so cute!!

  2. Thanks Lauren! it was such a great day! :)


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