Saturday, April 9, 2011

the social network.

486.485.486.485.484. these are the numbers that i see constantly change in my friends column on facebook.

my mom asked me the other day. why do you have so many friends? do you really have that many friends?

i thought about that answer for a second. and said... everyone on my friends list touched my life one way or another. whether it be when i was a child. or when i was in highschool. or maybe it was college and we were on the track team and i cheered for them. and they cheered for me. or maybe we were in fca together. and we prayed and worshiped together. or maybe i have worked with them and we connect through our jobs.

are we suppose to be back in touch with people after many years? or just let all those people who entered our lives be memories and move on...

i learned today of someone who "defriended" me. someone who is such a sweet person. someone who i had a fun time with at one point in my life.

i personally enjoy seeing old connection's lives change and grow...i love seeing friends' updates and learning about engagements, weddings and babies being born...oh and babies growing up!

i love being back in touch because it means that at some point... you were a part of my life... a friend!

Have you ever been "defriended" by someone?


  1. well, my dear, I for one love this post because I have been defriended and felt a little stung as well. That whole quote about 'people coming into your life for a reason, a season, a lifetime'? While there may be few who are 'lifetime', I still love the feeling of being able to connect with those 'season' and 'reason' people. And, ok, technically the social network thing makes it now possible for it to seem like they might be 'lifetime'. While I don't feel the 'lifetime' connection with a lot of the people I enjoy keeping up with on FB, I still love the ability to have that connection where I can 'peek in' on the part of their life they are wanting to share with the social network world (and oh, what a huge world that is!). I love your blog, enjoy reading it, and find it very inspiring. As a fellow blogger, I agree with you: if you don't want to read it, don't click on the link! The purpose of my blog is to share what I want to share with people who care. And, in this day and age, it just so happens that the social network is a great avenue for sharing. Keep blogging, keep updating your status, and don't worry about the people who 'defriend'. They're obviously one of those 'season' people...and that's ok sometimes to let the season go.

    (Sorry for the rant!)

  2. thank you erin! i love the rant! it fits perfect to what i was feeling today! :)

  3. theresa - i have been defriended too - and with some people you think - WHEW - and then with other you think - WHAT!

    and although i know that you and i have a connection through an unlikely cause that would keep us in each other's radar - i am thankful that i get to see your updates and how your life is!

  4. danielle... so glad i am not the only one! and i am looking forward to watching that baby grow up into a wonderful home!


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