Sunday, April 10, 2011


so after being home bound with strep since wednesday, i finally got out and about last night. i went to my very first soccer game! we drove into chester with our new union shirts and cheered on the team!

I have never had a huge interest in soccer... it always seemed boring. no one ever scores and it is just a bunch of people running all over a field. but last night, i saw it in a whole new light. those guys worked hard. they just didn't stop. they must of ran MILES around on that field. it was like watching track with a ball involved. the fans were much more involved than any other sports team i have seen. they were singing, and playing instruments and standing the whole game!

i also enjoyed the fact the game never had a break. it kept my interest the whole time. no time outs. no innings switching. no time for a bathroom break... or buying crab fries and cotton candy... or you would risk missing a GOALLL!!!

speaking of crab fries and cotton candy... i didn't have any of it! every time, tim and i go to any philadelphia sports game we always get crab fries and cotton candy. last night. i was smelling the crab fries. and seeing the bright blue cotton candy. and my stomach grumbled. but i focused back to the game and cheered on the players instead! success!!

Shout out to Frank! Happy Birthday! and thanks for having us go to the game with you! maybe next time, we'll split that cotton candy!

weigh day tomorrow...


  1. oh my gosh, this is too funny! I went last night for the first time too!

  2. Ok totally random- I know the guy in your second picture- he's my neighbor! Small world :)

  3. maggie! that is so funny! it is a small world:)


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