Monday, April 4, 2011

run, timothy, run!

tim and i booked our trip to mexico yesterday! we were so excited that we decided to celebrate with burritos from chipotle!

today we went on our second run together as a married couple. tim is not much of a runner... in fact, he hates it. but after a little begging and buying him new sneakers, he has decided to join me as my workout buddy. i am hoping to blog about our third run... keep it up timothy! (excuse the blinding white legs in the photo below)

Weighed in this morning... new number is 145.6... that is a 2.4 pound drop from last week! for a grand total of 17.6 pounds lost over three months! wooo hoooo!!

Next weigh-in: Monday, April 11th.


  1. I wish Brent would run with me! I tried begging and it didn't work - lol. Way to go on your weight loss. That's awesome!

  2. i am not sure how long tim will run with me...i am giving him one more week... he is is miserable the whole time we are running! ha!


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