Tuesday, April 5, 2011

count down.

I have been getting daily text messages and pictures from tim counting down our trip back to mexico (he has been using pictures from our honeymoon in the countdown!)... words can even begin to describe how excited i am to go back to the spot where we had our honeymoon. we absolutely loved playa mujeres and haven't stopped talking about it since we have been home.

after tim and i booked the trip, i mentioned to him how i wanted to do more activities on the resort this time around. during our honeymoon, we just sat by the pool and did absolutely nothing. this time, i want to go on the bike trails, participate in aqua-aerobics at noon, and play beach volleyball. i even mentioned that maybe we should head to the gym...

tim "sorta" agreed with me...well... kinda... but i have 112 days to talk him into it!!

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