Friday, April 22, 2011

little green monster.

jealousy. this is a feeling i don't get often in life except when it comes to weight loss.

i get jealous when i see people who have lost weight. i get jealous when people lose weight faster than me. i get jealous. not a mean jealously. just the little green monster sneaking up on me jealous.

jealous because i wish it was me! don't get me wrong, i am super excited about their weight loss and how wonderful they look...but i just wish it was me!

this jealousy feeling usually gives me a little "push"... seeing that others can do it, and how great they look, makes me feel that i can do it too...

so for all of my friends who have done a fantastic job on their weight loss... keep it up! because although i may be a little jealous, you are inspiring me to keep on my journey... and keep my head in the game.

this is just a game, right? and everyone knows that i hate to lose.:)

have you ever felt jealous of someones weight loss?

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