Wednesday, April 20, 2011

diet coke dilemma.

my name is theresa. and i am addicted to diet coke.

before lent, i would drink up to three diet cokes a day. one for dinner. one for lunch. and yes. one for breakfast.

i gave up articial sweetners in hopes to make it a life change. i wanted to begin drinking water and stay away from all those "diet" drinks. i kept hearing from friends how drinking "diet" drinks are so bad... and they are full of chemicals.

i have learned to drink water. it has been a PROCESS. the first two weeks were tough. i learned tricks on how to make drinking water better.

lent is coming to an end. i have to make a decision... should i go back to my diet coke drinking ways? or continue on this water path?

i am leaning more towards the water path but maybe having a diet coke during special occasions like.... a vacation to Playa Mujeres in Mexico!

speaking of playa mujeres... 97 days!!


  1. we booked our honeymoon @ the excellence in riveria cancun!! thanks for the suggestion, i can't wait :)

    glad to hear you're going back- you're gonna ROCK that 2 piece


  2. Ashley! i am so excited that you booked your honeymoon at excellence! You will LOVE it!

    I can't wait to see your pictures!

    Let's get together again soon... summer is right around the corner...:)

  3. Before you decide whether or not to go back on the diet soda, read this web MD article:


  4. I totally get you on this, only my vice is Diet Pepsi, and I was drinking waaaay more than 3 a day. I still haven't cut it out of my diet completely, but I have significantly cut down.

  5. AT... I checked out that website... and it definitely made me reconsider going back to drinking diet coke...

    Mrs. V...i am thinking to just drink it here and there and try to stay away from my old diet coke drinking ways... it will be so HARD though!!


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