Sunday, March 20, 2011

beans for breakfast?

this weekend was full of activities. i decided to start running and add some cardio into my routine. but before i hit the pavement, i really needed to buy a new pair of sneaks. tim and i went to a sporting goods store and picked up two new pairs! one for him and one for me!! tim is not much of a runner... in fact, he hardly does any kind of physical activity... so when he told me he wanted to run with me...i was first shocked. and then super excited!

after we bought the sneakers, we decided to take a walk through wegman's... which was right next door... i love that store... so much going on in there... i saw a man gutting a fish right before my eyes! i bypassed my way right to my favorite isle in the grocery store. the candy isle. there were BASKETS of easter candy! i smelled it, held it, and then walked away from it. but it was a beautiful sight.

and to conclude the weekend, we welcomed dan and amanda home from their honeymoon. we gathered at uncle maroun and aunt frances house to look at amazing wedding pictures and watch the dvd of their wedding day. they made us a DELICIOUS breakfast... and then we stayed long enough and they made an OUT OF THIS WORLD lunch! I ate "foul" around nine o' clock this morning. foul is a bean dish which i ate with cucumber and eggs for BREAKFAST!!

and i ended the day on a sweet note. i spoiled myself and had a piece of chocolate mousse cake which was so heavenly!

speaking of heavenly, weigh-in tomorrow. praying for a loss.

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