Wednesday, February 9, 2011


time has been very tight over the past six days. i have had two nights of conferences. a bachelorette party. a day of sleep catch-up from the bachelorette party. a grad class. so to wrap up all these excuses...i took a break from the Shred for 4 days...

i did it today for the first time since friday... and it felt AMAZING! i felt so strong. i was anxious beginning it again this afternoon, worried that i may have regressed but instead i found myself stronger and able to do all of level 2 without stopping even for a break...

so of course, i told tim. he said that it is important to take a break in strength training so that my muscles can rebuild and heal. now tim is no fitness guru...i have never seen him do a day of exercise in four years... so not sure if he is correct... but it made sense to me... and i just nod my head and agree.

Onto Day 20 of the Shred tomorrow... begin Level 3/Day 21 on Friday... take the weekend off and start Level 3/Day 22 on Monday.


  1. i started "the shred" yesterday...i thought level 1 was going to kill me! i can't even imagine level 3!

  2. i remember level 1 like it was yesterday! i couldn't move my legs or arms for three days! let me know what you think! i think i can finally see a change... i'm being shreded!!

  3. Timothy is correct! Weight training and rest should go hand in hand so you can repair and rebuild :) Great work!!!


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