Monday, January 17, 2011

How to maintain?

Weigh-in today: new number is 154.6. Down 2.2 pounds in a week. that is a total of 8.6 pounds.

This week I am going to start strength training. i have five pound weights that i am going to start using to tone my arms and get them ready for the dress.

A typical day:

Oatmeal bar 220
Coffee 100

crackers 120

Half of a turkey sandwich with two stacker pickles: 300
Orange: 100

Raisons 120

Salad or a measured 400 calorie meal

Hot chocolate with marshmallows 150

Total Calories a day: 1,200-1,400 calories

I do switch up the fruit for lunch and snacks but try to keep them at a 100 calories.

I have learned that structure and routine is the easiest way to eat healthy. On my weekends, I try to keep the routine the same... but we have at least one social event a weekend and it makes it so hard!

Hoping that once I get to my goal weight of 140 that I can increase my calories just enough and learn how to maintain my weight.

i need to learn how to maintain my weight. i have never learned how to do that...i either eat to gain or i eat to lose. i need to problem solve that in the next fourteen pound or so..

feeling better about myself. will feel much better once "the ring" is gone.

Next weigh-in: January 24th.

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